This is my thoughts from the economy to pop culture to tech, along with my rants on what I think is wrong with society.  I hope you like it.


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My Client on TV

He owns 300º or 300 Degree, an Italian junk food joint.  When I first saw the location I thought it was terrible yet 80% of his clientele are neighborhood people, I'm so glad to see him doing well.  Especially the porchetta, which we were so stressed out about in the beginning before we opened!!!!  Enjoy the video.


300º on Korean TV from Joon Kang on Vimeo.



Music, Love & The Memories!  

Having lived in Korea for a little over 11 years, one thing I notice in Korea that I really hate.  When I'm giving somebody a ride in the car, I want to blast the radio, yet they complain it's too loud or they complain they hate music, I want to punch them in the mouth!  Having grown up in Los Angeles, we had a car culture so being stuck in traffic or going out with friends on Friday, Saturday nights we would blast the radio.  Hell when my friends and I discovered 노래방 (Karaoke box), we'd go on weekday afternoons when it was cheap and hang out there all day and sing our favorite songs.  This particular song we sang alot cuz it was the big hit song of our days and we were impressed by how Richard Marx could hit the high notes in the chorus and how we strived to hit the high notes, believe me it was a real comedy of errors of how we tried to hit the high notes and how terrible we sounded.

Stevie B's "Because I Love You (The Postman's Song)" holds a lot of memories for me when it comes to Seattle because of my ex-g/f and showing how much of a nerd I am, it was in Seattle I learned the first lesson of love and relationships there and this was our song...

This was my first REAL relationship you can see was a roller coaster, volatile and super strange.  So weird I should've written a book or a treatment (in JP & KR, they call it a scenario) for a movie!!!!  The love we shared, the hate we shared, yet at the end of the day we only had love for each other.

But the song "My Valentine" really holds a special place in my heart.  Before the internet bubble popped in the late 90's early 2000's there was a Thai restaurant I went to every Friday or Saturday night, they had live music and I fell in love with the singer, she was a Chinese-Thai chick and this was the girl I wanted to create my own record label around, it was between her and this Filipina chick, but the Filipina chick came with too much baggage although I thought she was more talented.  Looking back now I was in love with the fact that she was in love with the performance and me being the sentimental fool, which makes me think of the following song below.

I remember the last time I saw her, I got with this Rastafarian chick from Ghana and we decided to go there for dinner.  I remember asking her (the singer) to sit with us during her break, and I saw how pissed off she looked but being an Asian woman she was being "Asian cool" for those of you that are not Asian, it's an Asian thing you wouldn't understand.  At this moment the Billy Vera song "At This Moment" popped into my head.

Here's the conversation that ensued between the 2 women...

Singer, "What do you think of Korean food?"

My g/f @ the time, "I'm willing to try it."

Singer, "I love Korean food."

Me being a dumbass at the time didn't understand women's "read in-between the lines" rhetoric, the older I got I knew these women weren't talking about Korean food but they were talking about me being a Korean dude!  So many years later I'm still the same dumb ass where I still can't figure out how to read between the lines, is it me or are my fellow dudes, non-gay girly men in the same shoes?  That same night I bought a rose for the singer and gave it to her anonymously and had it handed it to her while she was singing and the very next song she played was Martina McBride's "My Valentine" a song I heard her sing many times before but this night I knew it would be in my memories forever and to this day I still remember that night at a love that could have been but never will be.  Although I later found out her heroine habit and how she had a sugar daddy that paid her rent for her apartment, after the initial shock wore off, as time passes by, I still romanticize the past through music.  As this song from Trisha Yearwood states "The Song Remembers When."  Yet, despite all the bad things about her I learned I Would've Love Her Anyways!

When I first came to Korea, the girl I got with, the girl I'm still with to this day, this is our song, we slow danced to this song in Seoul Night Club...Although 장나라 isn't a great singer nor is this a great song, it's the memories associated with the song that makes music and any art a true contributer to society and to all you jerkoffs that hates music, kiss my ass and live your miserable ass life but don't share you friggin misery with me because I love music, don't bring me down to your level, instead, for a change come up to my level and see how wonderful life can be.

To all you no-culture having dumbasses, music is my life, it is our memories, the soundtrack to our life!



Asian Stereotypes

This is an email I got from my bud way back in 2002!!!!!  Wonder if anything changed, let me know what you think...


> 1. You want to be a dancer, a singer, or an actor,
> even though you have a
> day job as a nurse, a security guard, or an
> accountant.
> 2. A member of your family back home is a politician
> or a movie star.
> 3. You're not afraid of black people.
> 4. You keep a tabo in your bathroom.
> 5. You have a T-shirt somewhere in you're closet
> that says "Filipino Power."
> 6. You eat your dog.
> 7. Your mom pronounces a P like an F and an F like a
> P.
> 8. Your parent's English sounds like Tagalog.
> 9. You greet your elders by touching their hands to
> your forehead.
> 10. You're proud that your last name is Spanish, and
> in some cases, you
> seriously claim you have Spanish blood!
> 11. When you are talking on a chat room (Yahoo or
> AOL Chat), your name
> always includes Flip, Pinoy, or Pinay.
> 12. You have 5 pairs of tsinelas on your doorstep.
> 13. You are either in a gang, you want to be in a
> gang, a relative is in a
> gang, or your grandpa used to kick with the "Roxas
> Blvd." gang.
> 14. You point with your lips.
> 15. You don't care if you are superior to all other
> Asians or not, because
> being Filipino is just cool in itself.
> 16. You have relatives (or your nickname) whose
> nicknames consist of
> repeated syllables, such as Jun-Jun, Ling-Ling,
> Mon-Mon...etc.
> 17. You parents call each other "Mommy" and "Daddy"
> (or "Ma and "Pa")
> 1. You think you're the smartest people in the
> world.
> 2. You have a pager and cellular phone with you at
> all times.
> 3. Today's steamed rice is tomorrow's fried rice.
> 4. You're afraid of black people.
> 5. You hate being called "Zip Head" at school.
> 6. You have puffy hair and u split it in the middle.
> 7. All other races (whites, blacks, beaners, etc.)
> know what you are because
> when they see you, they automatically say, "Are you
> Chinese or something?"
> 8. You've mastered the piano, violin, or flute.
> That's all because any other
> instrument isn't worthy to be played.
> 9. You're proud because every other Asian says "I'm
> part Chinese" or have
> Chinese connections.
> 10. You believe Bruce Lee was a national hero.
> 11. You know you are superior to all other Asians.
> 1. You smoke and drink too much.
> 2. You're actually sorry that Margaret Cho's sitcom
> was canceled
> 3. You're afraid of black people.
> 4. You hate the Movie "Don't be a Menance While
> Drinking...Etc."
> 5. Your friends tell you..."How do you walk with
> your eyes closed??"
> 6. You have 6 AP classes and you're on the tennis
> team.
> 7. You are always on the evening news with other
> races involved.
> 8. A relative owns a store and all own personal
> handguns.
> 9. Your last name is Kim/Park, you are a relative to
> a Kim/Park.
> 10. You know you are superior to all other Asians.
> 11. You get irritated when other races ask you "Are
> you Chinese or
> something??"
> 1. You believe everything the Government tells you.
> 2. But are willing to change your mind if someone
> slips you $50.
> 3. The whole world (and Soros) is out to suppress
> you and your country.
> 4. You think that Mahathir will be around in 2020.
> 5. You welcome all people (be they black or
> otherwise) who invest in the MSC
> (Multi-Super Corridor)
> 6. You think you are superior to most other Asians,
> but $50 can change that
> too.
> 1. You eat, sleep, have sex and smile according to
> the policies stipulated
> by the Government in the Red Book they gave you when
> you were born.
> 2. The Red Book does not state that you have to be
> afraid of black people so
> you aren't.
> 3. You know you are superior to all other Asians,
> because it says so in the
> Red Book.
> 4. You think the Government is oppressive but you
> still vote them in again
> and again.
> 5. You join a long queue even though you don't know
> what that queue is for.
> 1. You own, have relative who owns, or know someone
> who owns a DONUT SHOP!!!
> 2. You have a life time job at a donut shop.
> 3. You still work at a donut shop on weekends even
> if you have a full time
> job outside.
> 4. You HATE Donuts!!
> 5. You live in Long Beach and/or you have relatives
> who live in Long Beach,
> or, you go to Long Beach every weekend.
> 6. You can't live without steamed rice.
> 7. You're darker than all your other Asian friends.
> 8. You kick it with black people and other people
> think you're black too.
> 9. You hate the name Pol Pot.
> 10. The first cool thing you learned in America is
> how to break dance.
> 11. You hate it when people think Cambodians are the
> dirtiest asians.
> 12. You own the old Toyota Cressida or an old Nissan
> Maxima.
> 13. You have a Laotian relative.
> 14. You are tired of Cambodian stereotypes, so you
> say that you are
> "Kampuchean" instead.
> 15. You want other Asians to stop meddling in your
> country.
> 16. You deny numbers 1 through 15
> 1. You've gotta have fish sauce with every meal.
> 2. You eat at a restaurant that has "Pho."
> 3. You have some relative who is Chinese.
> 4. You're afraid of black people.
> 5. Your mom has the meanest accent and you can't
> even understand a word she
> says.
> 6. People call you "war boy or war girl" in school.
> 7. You have rice grains growing in your backyard.
> 8. Your last name is Nguyen, you have a relative
> whose a Nguyen, or you live
> next to a Nguyen.
> 9. You think you are superior to all other Asians.
> 1. All throughout your years in school, not one
> teacher have ever pronounced
> your last name right.
> 2. You drive a fixed up Toyota Corolla.
> 3. (Guys) You are dark, have long hair, and listen
> to Heavy Metal music
> (Girls) You wish you were Filipino.
> 4. You're afraid of black people.
> 5. Your mom is a nurse and your dad is in business.
> 6. You live in Redlands, CA or Loma Linda, CA,
> Diamond Bar, CA.
> 7. Your parent's dream car is a Toyota Previa.
> 8. You never find "Indonesian" under the ethnicity
> section of ANY
> application.
> 9. You brag about the Komodo dragon living in
> Indonesia.
> 10. Whenever you tell someone what race you are,
> they always answer "Where's
> that??"
> 11. No matter what year/model of car you have, you
> find some way to modify
> it and race it.
> 12. You always get the "Are you Filipino or
> something??" question.
> 13. You think you are superior to all Asians


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